Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Manoush Knitted Ruffle Dress

Wool dress by Manoush. Featuring a round neckline, knitted collar design, crochet rose trim with applique (In its broadest sense, an appliqué is a smaller ornament or device applied to another surface. beading, short sleeve styling, a ribbed dropped waist, and a mini length skirt with a tiered ruffle design with contrast trim, in a knitted wool finish.
Manoush is a quirky Parisian label, designed by Frederique Trou-Roy, Manoush is ultra girly. ‘The Manoush style applies the Bohemian charm and the mix of types, Manoush truly is a girls thing’ and you will love it. The main focus of the Manoush collection is to enjoy oneself translating in the designs with playful and stylish garments.
Frederique Trou-Roy describes the Manoush girl as always experimenting with the bohemian style, in her own artistic way of mixing it up. She would never leave home without a basket on her arm, filled with pink note books, little girls treasures and good luck charms.

Appliqué was first discovered when clothes ripped and needed fixing so they used to sew over the top of the rip patches of different material otherwise known as patch work.
In the context of sewing, appliqué refers to a needlework technique in which pieces of fabric, embroidery, or other materials are sewn onto another piece of fabric to create designs, patterns or pictures.[1] It is particularly suitable for work which is to be seen from a distance, such as in banner-making. A famous example of appliqué is the Hastings Embroidery.
Appliquéd cloth is an important art form in Benin, West Africa, particularly in the area around Abomey, where it has been a tradition since the 18th century and the kingdom of Danhomè.
Appliqué is used extensively in quilting. "Dresden Plate" and "Sunbonnet Sue" are two examples of traditional American quilt blocks that are constructed with both patchwork and appliqué. Baltimore album quilts, Broderie perse, Hawaiian quilts, Amish quilts and the ralli quilts of India and Pakistan also use appliqué.

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