Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Audey Shawl Cardigan, Camel

Ralph Lauren's American style has (in their words) 'always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in their dream' - Well, I've just woken up with a bang from their dream. I'm in a bad mood. I paid £150.00 for this top and it is not worth half that price tag. From the moment Linda elegantly put on her new cardigan, I spotted a pull, and then another. Throughout the period of an hour it pulled all over  and very soon lost it's shape - total rubbish. Take a good look at the picture above - This is the only time it's shape will look like this. Good-bye to buying expensive Ralph Lauren clothing that cannot step-up to the mark. Ralph is manufacturing and selling this cardigan as a day-wear piece - It is not a cat walk haute couture piece. I will say it's not a practical cardigan for any lady who; drives a car, uses a laptop, answers a mobile phone or god forbid, moves faster than a supermodel at the end of a 12 hour photo shoot - Even the photos advertising this product don't feature a human wearing the item, obviously to reduce the risk of pulling and losing the cardigan's shape. Beware!

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